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GOV2COM moving Hampton Roads Defense contractors forward!

Great to be part of the GOV2COM team supporting Hampton Roads defense contractors. There’s much potential in our companies as they work to expand and diversify into the commercial marketplace.  As one of the consultants (hired gun?!), I’ve been working with some of the companies, as well as jointly developing repeatable processes with some of the other consultants – that

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NASA LaRC Greased Lightning

NASA Acquisitions Forecast Tool now available

Just received this announcement from NASA: NEW NASA Agency-wide Acquisition Forecast The following Consolidated Agency-wide Acquisition Forecast is provided to allow users to search multiple NASA Centers for specific types of opportunities to match your organizational interests. This tool contains “pivot table” capabilities and graphics to easily manipulate and illustrate the data. Please note that

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unmanned systems business development

Hampton Roads Unmanned Systems Opportunity Exchange

Last week was the inaugural Hampton Roads Unmanned Systems Opportunity Exchange, held in Hampton, Virginia (April 21-22,  2016). Quite a crowd gathered to hear experts in many aspects of unmanned systems. Many new alliances and partnerships were initiated. Many learned the true extent of possibility for unmanned systems  in our Region. NASA Langley Research Center has a good summary

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business development for SBIR

DoD SBIR 2016.2

Department of Defense released their second SBIR RFP of 2016. Are you planning to submit against one of the topics? Here they are:    

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John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

In 1972, as a high school sophomore, I wrote a letter to UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden – at the height of his success – asking for a copy of his Pyramid of Success. He graciously sent me this:  

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T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle

Hampton Roads Unmanned Systems Opportunity Exchange

Do you have ideas for the Unmanned Systems industry in Virginia? The Hampton Roads – Eastern Shore region of Virginia has geographical assets enabling testing on land, sea, and air. It hosts several of the necessary ingredients to foster development of the Unmanned Systems industry. Coordinated efforts are underway to match needs of customers with

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Silicon Valley or Renaissance Florence?

Which would you choose as your for Innovation: Silicon Valley or Renaissance Florence? Here’s an insightful story on why you should model after Florence:

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Transitioning from Defense to Commercial (Part 1)

Blue Pill – Red Pill. You won’t be the same after reading this… or will you?   – Some government contractors believe their differentiated products or services form the basis for continued success against the competition. – Some believe the huge Government market and budget offer them the opportunity to easily enter and claim just

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TechTrends 2016

frog published their annual list of TechTrends: (UPDATE 2016.07.05: Looks like frog deleted their 2016 predictions – so we’re left with their 2015 predictions: → Which do YOU think will take off in 2016? → Are you already working with any listed here? → Do you want to be involved with any of these? → Would

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Do you rely on subcontracting to grow your Federal Business?

Is subcontracting a key element of your Federal Strategy? Many small businesses and entry-level companies approaching the Federal / Government / Defense Contracting arena want to gain a foothold, or grow their business, by becoming a subcontractor to the prime contractors. Is this a good strategy? Yes. But here’s some data you must consider as

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US Coast Guard Barque EAGLE

The Nation’s Tall Ship, US Coast Guard Barque EAGLE, sailed into Portsmouth, Virginia again in 2015:   More than a few years ago, summers of 1977 and 1978 to be exact, I was crew aboard EAGLE – at the main-truck:  

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Can Virginia compete?

Attended the City of Virginia Beach SWaM Business Forum today. Keynote speaker was Virginia Secretary of Commerce Maurice Jones describing our economic situation here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He started with some statistics: (1) 13 of the Top 20 employers are either Government – or Government-dependent organizations; (2) Our State growth rate is 48th

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“What valuable company is nobody building?”

This Wall Street Journal article applies directly to Defense Contractors who are competing in what the author calls “perfect competition,” but just as easily could be called a “Red Ocean,” as described in the book “Blue Ocean Strategy.” How many companies are competing to be “just” another Government Services Contractor – or “just” another “App”

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On the Moon — my connection to Colonel Buzz Aldrin!

Hard to believe Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon 45-years ago. I was twelve – most of our neighborhood gathered at the Murphy’s (probably because they had six kids and couldn’t lug them all to someone else’s home!). We watched in amazement at the fuzzy black and white images beamed from so

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What impact do the changed SBA Size Standards have on your company?

The revised SBA Small Business Size Standards are in effect starting July 14, 2014. The monetary and program size standards have been raised to account for inflation since 2008, allowing companies which “graduated” from their NAICS Codes to remain qualified, or re-qualify, for federal procurements under those codes. More companies can now compete as “Small

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TEDx Hampton Roads – so what?

TED has quite a following nationally, but this was the first local event I’ve seen or attended. So, what’s the difference between TEDx and any other conference? Several characteristics make it worthwhile, memorable and instructive: Enthusiasm! Short, articulate, stories from speakers – most who DO NOT rely on PowerPoint! Multiple alternative viewpoints inciting growth and

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Surfing and Venture Capital

Read this WSJ story ( to see great comparisons between surfing and venture capital – showing the commonalities. When we pave the intersections between industries – or sports – we can always gain new insights and generate changes / disruptions / Blue Oceans for either endeavor. Next time you’re planning a strategy development meeting; why

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Coast Guard Modernization

The new Coast Guard Cutter – JAMES sailing with the oldest Coast Guard Cutter – EAGLE. JAMES is a piece in the recapitalization of major assets – replacing the 378′ High Endurance Cutters – one of which was my first assignment in the Coast Guard (BOUTWELL). The EAGLE continues to not only represent the Coast

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NASA Langley Additive Manufacturing

Working on Center and visited the “Additive Manufacturing Center” and saw several cool projects: Here’s the Orion Capsule Test Article temporarily housed at NASA in the background. In the foreground is a scale mockup of the Orion atop the Aries rocket and tower.   ISAAC is the Integrated Structural Assembly of Advanced Composites: 3D printed model

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